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We For Me

Women Empowerment For Me!

Equipping ex-corporate urban married or marginalized women and youth with the skills, confidence, and support they need to secure a living-wage job.

For many young people around the world, full-time formal employment is a distant dream and This is because urban married, ex-corporate or marginalized but educated women often:

1. Lack skills or confidence of getting back to job – including market aligned occupational skills, digital literacy, and workplace professionalism.

2. Lack an understanding of the job search process after a gap of 4 years minimum – including how to write a CV and present themselves in a job interview with such a gap.

3. Lack connections to formal sector employers – many a times they don’t know where to begin looking for a living-wage job again in their life and after a lot of efforts and rejections, they loose hope and start working for smaller companies.

‘WE’ FOR ME addresses this gap in urban areas effectively by aligning and partnering with academia and corporate to educate and employ or outsource. It doesn’t stop there, the team at The Billennium Divas would encourage trained, employable and enterprising urban women to sieve through the idea matrix and incept sustainable businesses on their own. As they graduate their businesses to a sustainable and scalable model, TBD Angels would be more than happy to invest in these businesses! Of course, conditions apply…

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